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A Note From Dr. Khanna

At Minds That Matter, you’re not alone.

Emotional and behavioral problems take a toll on daily life. It could be you or a loved one who is experiencing difficulties. It causes concern, uncertainty, fear and conflict. I founded Minds That Matter because I’m passionate about helping you find peace of mind.

Minds That Matter provides care to overcome your unique challenges and begin healing. You or your loved one can be evaluated, screened and provided prescription medication if necessary. It is important that you are given the time and opportunity to carefully examine the challenges you are facing—instead of pushing the problems aside.

In no other arena is it possible to treat physical symptoms while taking the time to explore, adapt, heal and grow mentally—all under the guidance of a caring professional. Call 913-912-7054 for an appointment with Minds That Matter, and take the first step in achieving your very best you.